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The Breast Pump Shop was created by moms for moms.

For the founder, Patty, being a mom has been the greatest journey – she started The Breastfeeding Shop (sister company to The Breast Pump Shop) to help new and expecting moms on their breastfeeding journey by helping them get breast pumps using their health insurance.

Recognizing that moms have a lot of needs while breastfeeding, she wanted to create a collaborative shop that has all the products that moms want. A one stop shop for all things breastfeeding. From lactation support products to great prices on retail breast pumps.

The Breast Pump Shop is not only a breastfeeding super store, but it is meant to be a resource and helpful place to assist moms in having a successful experience breastfeeding. Anyone can go buy a breast pump – but do they know how it works and if it will even work for them?
At the Breast Pump Shop, we are here to help in any way!

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We appreciate and support our military family.

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